We are a year round wrestling club that provides training to wrestlers of all ages.  We are not competing with the school programs, in fact we’re helping the school programs by providing extra training to further develop your sons’ skills in the sport of wrestling.  Training the proper techniques and keeping your son hungry about wrestling will lead to success.  At Central Pa Stars, the atmosphere is upbeat and positive while the kids learn the proper work ethic.  Motivating through fear is short term.  At Central Pa Stars, we don’t use fear to get the kids to work.  Kids choose to work hard and learn while having some fun along the way.  We focus on the child’s performance rather than the outcome.  Wrestlers become self motivated.  We do not teach just the basics.  This is an easy out for coaches taht want to just get by or aren’t willing to learn.  Kids have different body types and what’s good for one kid might not be good for another.   We show a variety of techniques and wrestlers get to experience all of thme and find out what’s right for them.  We do not take all the credit for their successes.  We are just a stepping stone along the way, on their way up.  The list of collegiate wrestlers that we have helped along the way include:

Mike Evans 5 yrs Zane Retherford 2 years
Joe Napoli 5 yrs Garrett Hammond 6 yrs
Bryce Busler 5 yrs Tanner Shoap 6 yrs
Keegan Workley 3yrs Dawson Peck 5 yrs
Tyler Hoover 3 yrs Joe Krulock 3 yrs
Eric Morris 8 yrs Bobby Manning 5 yrs
Luke Etter 4 yrs Brooks Black 3 yrs
Derrick Enders 3 yrs Josh Thompson 2 yrs
Austin Camacci 2 yrs Adam Morris 8 yrs
Trevor Hernadez 3 yrs Ed Ruth 2 yrs
Jeremy Schwartz 2 yrs Brooks Morrison 3 yrs
Zach Nye 3 yrs Zack Thompson 2 yrs
Marshall Myers 3 yrs Mitch Ramsey 3 yrs
Kyle Kelly 3 yrs


At MAWA Eastern Nationals last year we had 23 wrestlers make with 18 place winners and six in the finals.  Tate Nichter, Luke Nichter, Owen Wherley and Paul Fiete all winning 1st place and John Pipa and Connor Smith taking 2nd.

In high school states last year we had former and present club members win state titles including: Eric Morris, Garrett Hammond, Freddy Stroker, Brooks Black, Zane Rutherford.  Ian Brown, Kyle Shoop and Korbin Myers all took third.

In the Jr High and Elementary states, we had 14 kids place.  Austin Desanto took 1st, John Pippa 2nd and Cal Reichart 3rd.

We would also like to congratulate our long time campers and clinic members including: Spencer Lee, Devon Brown, Luke Pletcher, Tyler Smith, Sam Krivus and Danny Bartoli for winning state titles.

Don’t take our word for it, read these letters of reference about our club.

Letter 1 and Letter 2