Brian Morrow’s Star Wrestling Clinics


Tired of sending your child to camp and paying hundreds of dollars and getting little or no results?

Most camps provide too much information to be retained regardless of how much repetition is applied to the workout. Tired of camps advertising super clinicians only to find out they are not coming during your son’s week of camp. Tired of coaches using fear as a means of motivating your son. Tired of coaches using profanity and promising big results. Tired of the aggressive marketing tools used to get you to buy tapes and clothing. Tired of circus moves that look good but don’t work. Tired of sending your son to a tournament only to have him wrestle two, three maybe four matches totaling 15 minutes. Sick of sitting around the gym all afternoon waiting for your son to wrestle. Sick of leaving the gym miserable and feeling that it wasn’t worth it. Worried about burnout and the number of matches your son is wrestling.

Central Pa Stars Wrestling

I have been traveling the wrestling circuit since 1988. First coaching a school team and then running a club. I have had 16 camps over the years with many Olympic, world and national champions providing expertise at my camps. I have worked with many of the top high school and college coaches over the years, and have put in thousands of miles and hours on and around the mat. I love the sport of wrestling and the people connected with the sport. I have gathered a tremendous amount of knowledge in the sport of wrestling and want to share and teach this information at these Sunday clinics. I have enjoyed successes with both the wrestler and the team. We have won or placed in the top three in almost every major team tournament along the East Coast. From 1st place in the Gene Mills eastern national championships in New York to 2nd place in the Disney Duals national tournament in Florida. (NHSC, Berkley springs, Lionville, Thousand Islands, West Norrinton and many more we either won or placed in the top three) 16 MAWA eastern national champions the last four years, many high school state champions and place winners and over 10 wrestlers now wrestling in college. I am not taking total credit for the success of any individuals, all I am saying is I helped them along the way while learning all I could about the sport of wrestling and motivating children.

With all of the experience I’ve gained over the years I want to recommend to you the clinics I am now offering. ONCE a month we will be doing a Sunday clinic at the Party Gym. Each clinic will have two areas of emphasis. Retention will be high and your son will be taught high percentage moves only. Your son will get more out of this clinic than being at any tournament. The areas of emphasis are areas that school coaches normally don’t cover or just cover briefly. I have numerous college coaches that like the idea and said they would enjoy coming and teaching a session. Clinics will vary on times and length. They might seem long to you but we will take a 30 minute break from wrestling and do something fun whether it is using the climbing wall, fidget ladder, peg boards or something else physically productive and 20 minute break for drinks. Most day clinics range in price from $50 to $125 and are done in school settings. Our clinic is done in a private gym equipped with a lounge, ropes, pegboards, climbing wall, spider wall, etc… The cost of these clinics are cheap compared to others. Every kid is different and I am not going to tell you how many tournaments to wrestle or how many matches your son should wrestle in. I am suggesting you should consider trying my clinics. Your son will benefit more from it than going to a tournament.

Brian Morrow’s Wrestling Clinics

Nearly 350 Clinics and 100 Camps,  Brian has the Knowledge, experience and ability to help your son!!

Party Gym

 876 Harrisburg Pike Carlisle, Pa 17013

You do not need to be a club member or preregister to attend.


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Winter/Spring 2018 Clinic Schedule

All Clinics are 1:00pm – 5:00pm at the Party Gym

Clinic Focus
January 7 Low singles, Ankle picks
January 14 Scrambling and Stand-Ups
February 4 Setups and Front Headlocks
February 11 Takedowns and Finishes
February 25 Crabride and Bars
March 4 Tilts and Go Behinds
March 25 Legs and Leg Counters
April 8 Claw Offense and Tilts
April 22 Sag Headlocks and Scrambling
June 24-28 Top Camp
July 8-12 Takedown Camp
July 22-27 Super 16


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